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Dallas Stars Game 12: The Good and the Bad (With Pictures)

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Dallas Stars 3-1 win vs Anaheim Ducks
Shots: Dallas 28, Anaheim 21 (yes the Stars outshot a team for once!)
PP: Dallas 2-5, Anaheim 0-3

The Good:

Alex Goligoski- Great response to being scratched last game. As Razor pointed out, he wasn’t always confident with the puck, especially when got a pass in the slot perfect for a shot and instead decided to throw a pass to no one along the boards. But he did turn in a better performance than he has recently. He controlled the puck well, took a handful of shots and got two assists. What I enjoyed the most out of his game was his defensive anticipation. He seemed to get a much better step to the puck, anticipating a pass or move. He has quick turnaround and possession on dump-ins. Good redemption job by Goligoski.

Kari Lehtonen- A very strong performance by Kari. He robbed Winnik on a great backhand opportunity. He robbed Selanne of the puck on a stick-handle in tight. He cut off two Ducks to play the puck out of the zone instead of waiting for them to collect and shoot. Overall really strong game and the only goal that went past him was a rip from the point that went through a crowd and was deflected a few feet in front of him.

Lehtonen's right pad took the puck away from a wide open Selanne in front.

Lehtonen's glove larceny on Winnik.

Defensive close to the game- Stars played a really strong, tight, smart, defensive last five minutes. We need to see lots more of that from them as the season progresses. Ducks couldn’t get in the zone and when they did, they couldn’t get set up or even get a shot off. And the Stars forced turnovers and took them down to the other end of the ice. Nystrom’s shift with about 1:30 left was tremendous. Broke up a few Anaheim possessions, killed time behind the Anaheim net and finished a check that eliminated a player and helped the Stars get the puck out of the zone.

As in this picture Jagr and the Stars went after the puck and eliminated Anaheim's opportunities before they became shots in the first period and last 5 minutes of the third period.

Daley vs breakaways- Quick and simple: Daley single-handedly eliminated two breakaway opportunities for the Ducks. Both times he hustled back, took the body, got rid of the puck and, most importantly, didn’t take a penalty on either. On two breakaways! Add the fact that Daley finally got a point (especially a goal) and he had a tremendous night at both ends of the rink).

Daley's amazing breakaway elimination. No shot, no penalty. Just pure hard work and dominance.

Physicality- Robidas fought Perry. Dillon landed huge hits. Roussel got in a scuffle with three Ducks. Fiddler traded a few punches with Perry. Stars aren’t a noted physical team, but they showed some physicality and lots of grit tonight which helped them to the victory.

Dillon's first hit, and my vote for biggest hit of the game.

Wasn't much of a fight but still, Robidas took on Perry.

Souray punched former teammate Benn.

Staubitz spearing Dillon's groin, which led to Staubitz being kicked out of the game.

The aftermath of Staubitz's spearing caused a little fright, but Dillon bounced right back and played well.

The Bad:

Offensive scheme- The first period was great. They managed possession of the puck from all over the offensive zone. They won battles behind the net, moved the puck around in front of the net and got in position to get good shots, not just shots, on net. They put bodies in front of the net (led to two goals), took shots from the wing, a couple in the slot when they could, a few wraparounds and lots of times from the points. Second period on, the Stars traded in the offensive variety for a simple approach: enter the zone and head straight to the boards. They pushed themselves into a tough angle to shoot, which makes sense if you’re looking for a pass, but they couldn’t get many passes off like that either. Time after time they just seemed to float the puck at the net from a tough angle along the boards.  

Daley's goal: Shot from point on power play with two Stars screening Hiller. 

Second period- The Stars began the game on fire. They had jump, played with speed, matched Anaheim’s physicality and created quality offensive chance. Then it at all went away and they played the opposite in the second. They took two bad penalties, gave up too many turnovers and were barely ever in the Anaheim zone.

Exiting the zone- For the whole second period and the first half of the third, the Stars seemed to almost never leave their own zone. Maybe just long enough to get a change. Then again, for 2:21 in the second period, the Stars were stuck in their own zone unable to get the fourth line a change. The Stars seemed to make careless passes or didn’t care to collect the pass and secure it moving forward. They favored dumping it and not pursuing or passing back and starting the struggle all over again.

Lines seen tonight:

PP- Roy-Ryder-Eriksson-Daley-Smith
PP- Benn-Morrow-Jagr-Daley-Goligoski
PK- Eriksson-Roy-Dillon-Robidas
PK- Eakin-Benn-Rome-Daley
PK- Fiddler-Nystrom-Robidas-Dillon

Notable Notes:
  • Faceoffs- Benn 10-of-18, Roy 6-of-15, Fiddler 5-of-9, Eakin 5-of-8
Anaheim's goal. Open shot from the point deflected by Bonino (#13 on bottom right).

Eriksson's goal: Wrister went in just over Fasth's left should. 

The angle of Benn's goal.

Another camera angle of his goal. 

Extremely close chance Stars had. puck went over Hiller rolled down his back and shoulder and went off the post. 

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