Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dallas Stars Unveil New Logo and Jerseys

The Dallas Stars began (or actually continued) their re-branding under owner Tom Gaglardi Tuesday night. Defending Big D did a great job covering the event and have some good reads on the details along with hundreds of reader comments so you can see what fellow fans think of the new look. I'll provide a glimpse and a bunch of photos with my thoughts on the jerseys. Pictures below are via @icethetics on Twitter. 
  • The Dallas Stars will retire Mike Modano's #9 on March 8, 2014, when the Stars host the Minnesota Wild. 
  • A coach has not been hired yet, but Nill was headed north to interview a few candidates. Most likely Dallas Eakins and Alain Vigneault. Hopefully not John Tortorella. 

Personally, I like the new jerseys. Yes, hardcore fans will probably hate the new look, but this is about re-branding and a new beginning under a new owner. I agree that there wasn’t much wrong with the old Stars logo. They could’ve just updated it. And yes, they could have brought back the classic green-and-black jerseys from the Cup-winning game that everyone seems to love. But Gaglardi wanted a new look, logo, color, etc to be the team’s identity going forward. I think they will grow on you with time if you don't start off liking them. At least we can all agree they are better then the current all black or all white DALLAS jerseys. 

The color, named “Victory Green,” is amazing. It’s a unique green with pop. (Unique as in no one else in the league comes close… as long as it’s not St. Patty’s Day.) Green is what the fans asked for, and green is what they got. It seems like there is too much green and too much white on the jerseys, but yet again, they look great when worn. Laces are such a great touch. 

The logo seems a bit too simple at first, but take a look at the Original 6 logos. Simple, classic and amazing. Dallas’ new logo seems a bit off on a screen, but on a body it looks much better. The D really stands out and the logo looks smooth on a worn jersey. On screen, I was way too distracted by the jumpy beveling/layering at the bottom of the D. it seemed cut off. Again, it doesn’t look bad at all when worn.

The shoulder patch is great and can easily translate to the main logo on a 3rd jersey. It would be very much like Minnesota, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, etc, but still very nice.

The logo on the pants is another great piece. This also is a strong alternate jersey logo possibility. 

One big thing that I think needs to be added to strengthen the jerseys is an outline on the numbers and names.

Merchandise on sale, this picture via @FSSW_Girls on Twitter.

So... What do you think of the new look?

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