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Dallas Stars Game 36: The Good and the Bad

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Dallas Stars 5-2 loss at the Anaheim Ducks
Shots: Dallas 25, Anaheim 27
PP: Dallas 0/0, Anaheim 1/1

The Good:

Can't say they didn't try- The Stars came out working hard, skating hard, hitting hard. They put forth an effort, it was clear the Ducks were simply better. I was a little worried the game would be much uglier and the team might look a little like they lost their hearts, but they stepped up and came out full gallop.

Rome landed the biggest hit of the night early on. It sent a message and set the mood/tempo of the first period.

Young guys showing up- Chiasson, Fraser, MacDermid were plugged into the lineup and I liked what I saw for the most part. I'll go in detail on Chiasson in the next paragraph, but MacDermid did great for being a young enforcer on a new team (minus a fight). MacDermid threw his body around a little, landed a couple of hits, attacked the net significantly three times, and he scored a goal, all in less than 6:40 on the ice. Fraser was on the top line with Benn and Nystrom, but didn't seem to get settled and didn't really display his offensive prowess. He ended with a hit, a block and a -1 in little over 14 minutes of ice time.

MacDermid, our new enforcer.

MacDermid's biggest hit of the night sent Etem flat to the ice.

Dallas goal #2- Roussel protects puck behind the net, but eventually loses it. Garbutt jumps on the loose puck and passes to MacDermid who snaps it five-hole on Fasth.

Alex Chiasson- Out of the new young guys in the lineup, I liked Chiasson's performance the most. Yes, he didn't register a point, but his play overall was the most solid and consistent. He completed all of his checks, he used his big frame to protect the puck and win battles along the boards. He attacked the net, was in position for a few good chances. He crashed the net, but he has his back turned several times and ended up getting in the way of two of his teammates' shots. He ended the game with two shots, three hits and an even plus/minus in 13:38 in ice time.

Looks like a bright future for Chiasson. 

Eriksson at center- Eriksson wasn't great or horrible, it was just noticeable that he was struggling a little with the position and learning it on the fly. Moving him to center means Eriksson will have more responsibility with and without the puck in all three zones. He is usually sharp defensively, but tonight he was seen more often down low in the zone, where he is supposed to be. A few times, I spotted him floating high in the zone or along the blue line. The times he did cover low or in the slot, he was pretty good. He did pretty well in the faceoff circle too. He won 6 of the 12 draws he took.

This was my favorite defensive play by Eriksson all game. It was a little play that may have gone unnoticed, but his effort and positioning eliminated a tremendous scoring chance the Stars have been giving up a lot of recently.

The Bad:

Can't stop Getzlaf- Just like Monday night, Getzlaf dominated the Stars again. He had two assists Monday night and added another two assists along with a goal Wednesday night. The Stars struggled to keep up with the top line in general, but even more so against Getzlaf specifically. It was critical to keep Robidas out against him, but when Robidas or his new defensive partner Daley weren't out there, Getzlaf's dominance was very evident.

Anaheim goal #1- Getzlaf is the extra attacker on a delayed penalty. He sends in a pass from the boards and Dvorak is left wide open in the slot to put it into the net.

A closer image of Dvorak scoring the opening goal.

Anaheim goal#2- Getzlaf attempts a pass through the slot, but Dillon breaks it up. He is unable to control the puck and Selanne skates in a wrists it past Lehtonen.

Anaheim goal #4- Perry stretches to get onside, gets the puck and sends a no look pass behind him to a streaking Getzlaf. Getzlaf roofs a backhand shot past Lehtonen.

Defense stayed the same, on paper and ice- Nothing different from what we have been used to seeing. Two Ducks were wide open in front of the net on the first goal. Defensive errors and turnovers in the Dallas zone led to chances and goals yet again. In addition, the new pairings had some struggles. What really bothered me was seeing Dillon struggle this game. He had instances where he couldn't clear the zone, his passes weren't crisp and when he tried to join or create a rush he lost the puck or lost steam. Goligoski did alright offensively, just wish he hit the net more. Defensively, he struggled. He did make a really good defensive play in the second period to eliminate a breakaway without taking a penalty.

Anaheim goal #3- Five players were involved in a scrum along the boards behind the net. The Ducks were outnumbered but ended up with the puck. Palmeiri gathered the puck near the corner, took it to the crease and buried it in the back of the net.

Another angle of the Palmeiri goal. Somehow the Ducks won the scrum and he took the puck to the net with all those Stars around.

Anaheim goal #5- Cogliano bounces in an empty netter from between the blue line and center ice.

Lines seen tonight:
Whitney -Eriksson-Fraser

PK-Fiddler-Nystrom- Dillon-Robidas

Notable Notes:

  • Faceoffs- Benn won 5 of 13, Eriksson won 6 of 12, Eakin won 7 of 13, Fiddler won 11 of 19.

Dallas goal #1- Fiddler centers a pass for Cole who buries it as he crashes the net.

A really good save by Lehtonen (and Robidas) in the first on a dangerous wrap around attmept.

Another great save by Lehtonen, this one on Getzlaf after he brushed off Goligoski.

In case you missed it, here's what the Stars received in their recent trades.

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