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Dallas Stars game 45: The Good and the Bad

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Dallas Stars 4-3 Overtime loss at the Los Angeles Kings
Shots: Dallas 27, Los Angeles 31
PP: Dallas 0/4, Los Angeles 1/6

The Good:

Shot-blocking- If there was anything the Stars did better on defense, it was blocking shots. The official tally was 19, but it felt like more. It seemed that every time the Kings were about to take a shot, someone on the Stars was in front of that player or in front of the goal ready for the block. At least four times this game, Stars players were seen stumbling or slouching after blocking a shot.

Kari Lehtonen- He did give up a bad goal in overtime, but besides that he was strong. He made several huge saves to keep the Stars in the game and kept it from getting out of hand. He made 27 saves on 31 shots, including 10 of 11 in a rambunctious third period.

This was a big save by Lehtonen. He got enough of the puck to send it trickling to the side of the net.

A really good save on a great chance early in the game. You can see near the top of his stick got enough to send the puck wide.

Penalty kill- The PK was outstanding if you take out the Brown goal in the third period. They did well keeping a lot of the shots to the outside or keeping the Kings to one side of the ice. They were strong clearing the puck, maybe the best aspect of all was that the Stars didn’t allow many shots to reach Lehtonen. I counted only four shots on Lehtonen in all six opportunities, one of which was the goal and 13 successful clears. 
Los Angeles goal #3- A shot from the point is kicked out by Lehtonen, but Brown was standing unchecked to the side of the net and buried the rebound.

Another angle of the Brown goal. Robidas has his back to Brown and wasn't able to turn around in time to do anything to stop Brown.

The Bad:

Power play- Not much to add here that I haven’t mentioned before. They were 0-for-4, had good looks, but simply need to shoot more and find a way to make the power play count by scoring a goal. Passing and moving the puck is good, of course, but there were plenty more opportunities for shots. I counted only four shots on goal in their four power plays.

Being overpowered- The Kings are bigger and stronger than the Stars, and they showed it. The third period was a physical, speedy battle, but once the Stars took the lead, the Stars seemed to be overpowered. They entered the zone and were easily pushed off the puck and knocked down to the ice. The Kings finished their checks and had their way with the Stars in the offensive zone. Dallas was outhit 46-32 in the game.

Overtime- I am not sure what happened to them between the third period and overtime, but the Stars looked absolutely horrible in overtime. They were slow on the pucked, made terrible decisions, looked like they were skating in molasses and seemed generally disinterested. Even Lehtonen seemed out of it. He was swimming around in net more than usual, and he was out of position and slow to react much more than we are used to seeing. 
Los Angeles goal #4- Simple goal that the Stars want to have back. Richards skated up the side boards and threw the puck at the net. It hit off Carter's right shoulder and went into the net.

Faceoffs- Terrible! Benn won 3 of 15, Eakin won 5 of 17, Fiddler won 5 of 16, Wandell lost both of his faceoffs and Eriksson, Cole and Roussel combined to win 0 of 5 draws.

Lines seen tonight:


PP- Eriksson-Benn-Whitney-Goligoski-Robidas
PP- Eriksson-Benn-Whitney-Cole-Robidas
PP- Nystrom-Fiddler-Cole-Daley-Larsen
PP- Nystrom-Fiddler-Cole-Whitney-Daley
PK- Roussel-Cole-Rome-Larsen
PK- Eakin-Cole-Goligoski-Rome
PK- Eriksson-Roussel-Daley-Robidas

Notable Notes:
Dallas goal #1- Benn passed it to Whitney at the blue line. His slap shot hits off a Kings player and bounces through the slot. Eriksson was off to the side of the net and he swung at the bouncing puck. Quick was out of position and Eriksson managed to put the puck by him.

Dallas goal #2- A shot from the point gets deflected by Garbutt in the slot. His deflection seemed to be a result of a high stick, but the refs allowed the goal. The deflection sent the puck on net, forcing Quick to make a pad save. Roussel was driving the net and had an easy backhand shot into a gaping net.

Dallas goal #3- The Stars managed a few shots in a row on Quick and quick puck movement resulted in Eakin making a centering pass to Goligoski in front of the net. Quick was out of position and dove back in net, but wasn't able to make the save.

Los Angeles goal #1- The Stars outnumbered the Kings in a scrum along the boards, but the Kings ended up with the puck. Penner took it around behind the net and passed it to Richards to the left of Lehtonen. Richards lifted a backhand shot top shelf over Lehtonen.

A better angle of the Richards goal.

Los Angeles goal #2- Williams won a race to the puck in the left corner. Dillon lost his stick, allowing Williams to make a little pass to Kopitar behind the net. Kopitar makes a backhand pass to Brown along the boards. He skated into the right circle and wrists the puck through a crowd and into the net.

This was the scene of a controversial disallowed goal by the Kings. The puck was sent on net from the boards right to the top of the crease. Lehtonen gloved the puck, but Rome fell into Lehtonen and the puck trickled in. The goal was waved off immediately by the ref.

A closer shot of the disallowed goal. Lewis seemed to have pushed Rome into Lehtonen, but replays showed that it was more of Rome falling into him.

Best defensive save of the night. Lehtonen stopped a shot, but the puck bounced over him and landed near the goal line. Daley swooped in and swiped the puck out to safety with Brown on the doorstep.

Brown might be suspended for his cheap, dirty hit on Roussel. Roussel progressed through the neutral zone and passed to his left. Well after the pass, Brown skated in near the blue line and shoulder Roussel's head. Roussel was knocked flat on the ice, but he returned later in the game.  

One of Quick's great saves. Daley centered the puck for Whitney, who deflected the puck on net. Quick kicked out his left pad for the save.

Quick aggressive poke check stopped Fiddler from a great chance in close.

Eriksson received a pass near the top of the crease, but instead of redirecting it into the net, he tried to control it and move to the opposite post. He had Quick sprawling out of position, but Eriksson just missed the outside of the post.

Another great chance for Eriksson in tight on Quick.

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